Who I am

I am an entrepreneur offering management consulting services. I have rich management background. I have a degree in Economics and Management, I used to upgrade my leadership and management knowledge and skills in Austria, Germany and France. I held executive positions, managed international projects, founded several organizations, launched new initiatives, campaigns and networks.

I worked at the Administration of the President of Ukraine, as well as in international companies prior starting my management consulting business. I worked with Danone, OECD, International Finance Corporation, Deloitte, Adam Smith International, etc.

I have been a trusted advisor to numerous international organizations, government agencies and big companies in Ukraine and abroad. I have implemented my own initiatives in partnership with private companies, business associations, embassies and ministries.

I have extensive experience in strategy development and execution, marketing analysis, customer and partner development, investment outreach and public engagement. I have provided advisory services in industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, agribusiness, machinery and manufacturing.

I conducted management workshops for different audiences, and I delivered public talks in different countries. I am a co-author of two books on public management reform in Ukraine.

What I can offer you

My consulting services offer such benefits for business success as good growth, strategic publicity, and effective stakeholder relationships. I focus on building competitive advantages (1), reducing risks (2), building credibility and awareness (3) for your company, product or service.

I help clients to reach a higher level of performance solving critical challenges faced by management. I provide strategic advisory services which assist in improvement of corporate governance and management, market positioning, customer and partner relationships.

As a creative business lady, I can offer you a creative implementation of your business ideas. I contribute to improvement of productivity through growth strategy development (1), designing and styling of your business architecture (2), PR, GR and international affairs (3).

I can plan and execute business development initiatives. I can give a motivational public talk, conduct management workshops, moderate discussions at your organization or conference.