Overall objective:

The idea is to establish a creativity space for intellectual reflection for the proactive business community through conversation with prominent artists, writers, and scholars. Creativity is the ability to synthesize new things. Creative thinking is the common feature of artists, writers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Business people work mainly within the world of materials. Yet they profit from staying connected to their counterparts working mainly in the world of ideas. Entrepreneurs people of imagination need to have an environment that benefits their further growth. Society Salon XXI aims to establish such creativity space.

Intellectual reflections of the Society Salon XXI offers not only direct contact to the acknowledged Genius, but also unhurried conversation in a nice environment about what is important, a meeting that inspires. What are we passionate about besides business and professionalism? What brings us together?

There are many ideas, but not all ideas survive. How are ideas born? How to materialize our ideas? How to make sure that ideas will be successfully implemented? Why do some people, organizations or countries use more effectively their potential than others? These and other questions are discussed at the Society Salon XXI.

It is expected that in the long term perspective the project will become global, and will ensure interconnection between communities of different cultures.

Main issue to be solved:

Society Salon XXI will provide business people with intellectual recreation, inspiration to do more and become better, to be connected to other creative minds.

How is it done?

Intellectual Reflections with a prominent personality is taking place in different locations (galleries, factories, embassies, theatres, restaurants, etc). A discussion is around only one small piece of his/her work. For example, a painter brings his/her only one artwork, defines a topic of conversation; a writer presents a piece of his text on a screen, and discussion could be held around his/her concept, idea, or questionable issue. The audience is invited to reflect and express their opinions.

Discussions are supposed to create commonality or discord. While discussing crucial concepts representatives of different sectors may reach agreement very unexpectedly. It is expected that discussions will influence emotions and intentions to think in different way and act differently.

Author of the idea: Olha Bosak

Olha Bosak on the initiative:


Intellectual Reflections with Ukrainian Writer Yuriy Andrukhovych

Partners: Austrian Embassy in Ukraine and Austrian Cultural Forum

Who: Famous Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andrukhovych shared his formula of success. Andrukhovych has published novels, poetry collections, essays, and a cycle of short stories. His works have been translated and published in Poland, Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Russia and Finland. He was invited by American universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, The Pennsylvania State University and La Salle University, to give literary readings. For his literary writings and activity as a public intellectual, Andrukhovych has been awarded numerous national and international prizes, including the Novel of the Year Prize from the prominent literary journal Suchasnist (1997), Herder Prize (2001), the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize (2005), the Leipzig Book Fair Prize for European Understanding (2006), the Angelus Prize (2006), the Hannah Arendt Prize (2014).

When: February 24, 2016

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine


Intellectual Reflections with Ukrainian Scientist Yaroslav Hrytsak

Partners: TIS та Impact Hub Odessa

Who: Famous Ukrainian scientist, historian and journalist Yaroslav Hrytsak shared his formula of success and his formula for the success for Ukraine. The brand “Yaroslav Hrytsak” today is called the quality trademark. He is based in Lviv, and he loves Odesa! Among Awards: Anton Gindely-Preis for the Culture and History of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe (Vienna, Austria, 2010), the Antonovych prize for Intellectual Achievements and the “Best Book in Ukraine” from the leading Ukrainian magazine “Korrespondent” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2007), award of “Przegląd Wschodni” for the best foreign book on Eastern Europe (Warsaw, Poland, 1998).

When: June 7, 2016

Where: Odesa, Ukraine

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Intellectual Reflections with Ukrainian Journalist Vitaliy Portnikov

Partner: America House Kyiv

Who: Famous Ukrainian writer and journalist. Observer of Freedom Radio and regular contributor of analytical articles on political and historical issues. Author of nonfiction books “Virgin Mother of God in Synagogue” and “Prison for Angels”. Founder of a political TV program “PolitClub”, which is aired on “Espresso” TV channel. Conducted television programs in several Ukrainian TV channels, including “The Truth of Vitaly Portnikov” on the channel TVi. In 2010 became a chief editor of TVi TV channel. Winner in the category “Journalist of the Year” in the annual competition “Man of the Year”.

When: September 24, 2016

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

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Intellectual Reflections with Bishop Borys Gudziak

Partner: MUSA International Art Space

Mgr Borys Gudziak is a bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, eparch of the Paris Eparchy of Saint Volodymyr the Great for Ukrainian Catholics of the Byzantine Rite in France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, scholar and public figure. His is a Ukrainian, born and raised in the United States, graduate of Harvard and Syracuse Universities, the Pontifical Oriental Institute and the Urbaniana University. After the collapse of the USSR he was engaged in the restoration of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, whose President he is today. Bishop Borys was awarded the “Order of Intellectual Courage” by the chapter of the Journal “Ї” (2005), “For Service,” Governmental Award of the 2nd (2008) and 3rd (2005) degree, granted by the Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko, French Order of Academic Palms (2008), French National Order of the Legion of Honour (2015).

When: April 8, 2017

Where: Paris, France