Energy Salon XXI is a cross-sector network that serves as a bridge between international investors and local decision makers, business partners, customers, other external parties.

The idea is to establish a mobile platform for promotion of benefits of international energy companies through interaction, engagement and dialogue with key stakeholders. Energy Salon XXI is supposed to help investors to establish and develop new business opportunities, as well as bring their message across with high impact. Energy Salon XXI is also the platform that can enable energy sector representatives to influence the main challenges of XXI century.

Energy Salon XXI will help international companies to:

  1. build and strengthen relations and strategic partnerships with main stakeholders through networking, advocacy and effective communication;
  2. promote the place of energy industry in society showing how investors have a positive influence on creation of social settings;
  3. raise public awareness about the impact all of us have on how we generate and use energy creating specific messaging campaigns.

The main feature of the launching Energy Salon XXI is the use of Olha Bosak’s art exhibition devoted to energy topics as a tool for creating a friendly informal atmosphere for the open discussion of complex issues. Olha Bosak’s art collection Energy Matters is encouraging everyone to think about our decisions regarding sources of energy we prefer, quantity of energy we use, and quality of energy we choose. During next events various art tools will be used to address crucial issues for international investors.

1st Energy Salon XXI “Why Are Renewables Great for Environment?” took place in Kyiv on June 13, 2019.

It is suggested that renewables are great for environment. At the 1st Energy Salon XXI investors entering the Ukrainian energy market presented their arguments to defend this commonly used statement. Representatives of the energy business talked about factors that can have positive influence on type and intensity of environmental impacts. Representatives of government and financial institutions were invited to share their concerns and requirements. Among those who participated in 1st Energy Salon XXI: Deputy Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, General Director for Energy Markets of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, CEO of National Energy Company “Ukrenergo”, Ambassador of Norway to Ukraine, representatives of EBRD, NEFCO, key market players.


  • the world’s largest law firm Dentons
  • Norwegian companies NBT and Scatec Solar

About Olha Bosak, Founder & Leader of Energy Salon XXI

Olha Bosak is the Founder/CEO of Olha Bosak Management Consulting with a focus on energy issues; Member of Board of Directors of the Norwegian energy company AICE Hydro; Member of Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian-Austrian Association; Founder of Ukrainian Freedom Fund.

During last few years Olha Bosak has succeeded to make a contribution to mitigating challenges Ukraine’s energy industry was dealing with. During 2017-2018, she contributed to oil and industry transformation in Ukraine while working with the largest energy company Naftogaz of Ukraine as a Director of the Center for Reforms of Oil & Gas Sector and Corporate Governance of SOEs. In 2015, she initiated a specialized forum Ukrainian Oil & Gas Dialogue and moderated discussions with ministers, parliamentarians and energy business leaders on Action Plan for Ukrainian Gas Sector. While running her own consulting business she has provided advisory services to improve the prospects of investment in oil and gas, nuclear, electricity and renewables sectors. Has more than 10 years of management experience including working with large international companies. Has worked in the Administration of the President of Ukraine, with Ministries, international organizations in Ukraine and abroad. Her high-level network is vast indeed.

Olha is co-author of two books and author of articles that raise important management and energy issues. Graduated with honors from Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where she studied physics. Received two master’s degrees: Economics at Ivan Franko Lviv National University and Philosophy-Theology at Ukrainian Catholic University. Also completed training programs in Austria, Germany, France and the US.

In the past years Olha has also developed a distinguished international career as painter. Her artworks were on display in Ukraine, Austria, Italy, France, the US and Canada. Olha Bosak was invited to present her Live Free art collection at the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. She was selected to participate in one of the events during Art Basel Miami, the most important week for contemporary art in America. In New York, her paintings were noticed and published in the book «International Contemporary Artists», as well as on resources of «Art Takes Manhattan». In Milan, she was awarded with «Woman ART Award 2017». Studied at the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Austria, which is the oldest of its kind in Europe. Her paintings can be seen on Saatchi and Artsy.


Olha Bosak on Energy Salon XXI: “My work is in the energy sector, and my main hobby is in the art sphere. My new project Energy Salon XXI, in fact, is at the intersection of these two planes: energy and art. The vision of this project is based on my experience of working with large companies, international organizations, ministries both in Ukraine and abroad. While developing the concept of my initiative, I really wanted to take into account today’s main needs of the energy business. I also aim to unite business leaders of the energy industry for its better contribution to economic and social development both at the national and global levels.”