Olha Bosak Management Consulting helps organizations to improve their productivity and performance providing strategic advisory services for a wide range of industries including energy and infrastructure.

With a focus on reducing risks and building competitive advantages through strategy development and execution, ESG and sustainability, business and partnership development, government relations and international affairs,  senior stakeholder, client and investor outreach.

The consulting business was launched in September 2013, and German company GIZ, Olha Bosak used to work at, became her first client. While working with GIZ Olha Bosak initiated and coordinated an establishment of Ukrainian Financial Dialogue, which was an important tool for public dialogue and cooperation between the public finance administration, politicians, businesses and general public.

Worked with numerous international organizations, government agencies, financial institutions and large companies in Ukraine and abroad. As a Consultant of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Olha Bosak provided continuous local consulting support for both Ukrainian Sector Competiveness Strategy Project (target sectors: agribusiness, alternative energy and energy-efficiency, machinery and manufacturing) and Credit Guarantee Scheme Project (financial sector). Olha Bosak worked on increasing visibility of OECD actions carried out in the country, building a strong and wider network of local partners and stakeholders.

Olha Bosak has proven consulting experience in specialized areas such as strategy, governance, marketing, stakeholder engagement, strategic leadership, transformation, reorganization, organization design and change management, risk and crisis management. Worked in consortium teams led by Deloitte US and Deloitte Ukraine.

As a contractor at Deloitte, contributed to the improvement of the investment attractiveness of Ukraine’s gas sector; initiated a specialized forum Ukrainian Oil & Gas Dialogue and moderated discussions with ministers, parliamentarians and energy business leaders on Action Plan for Ukrainian Gas Sector; worked in a project team that supported the corporate governance reform of SOEs, in particular, participated in preparation of recommendations for corporate governance development of a largest Ukrainian gas company UkrGazVydobuvannya; was involved in the corporatization of Ukraine’s National Nuclear Energy Generating Company Energoatom as an Adviser on Sustainable Development; participated in the project that worked on financial and operational performance improvement of Kyivpastrans, the largest municipal transport company of Ukraine that transports over 1.5 million passengers a day.

Olha Bosak has deep industry experience in sectors such as energy, infrastructure, transport, machinery, aerospace, defense, government and financial services, agribusiness, food and creative industries. She is especially proud of her strong expertise across the oil & gas and power, utilities & renewable energy. Woman of the Year of the Ukrainian Energy Industry 2019 in the nomination Business Leader of the Year is an award that recognizes her contribution to energy business development and demonstrates the credits she gets from business, politics and society.

Meet Olha Bosak

Hi! I am an entrepreneur & an award-winning business leader offering management consulting services.

I help clients reach a higher level of performance by solving critical challenges faced by management. I provide strategic advice, which assists in improving corporate governance, management and market positioning, as well as customer and partner relationships.

One of my previous bosses used to tell me: “You are a person who comes up with great ideas and you can excellently implement those ideas. That happens rarely. Usually, one can do only one of those two things”.

And that’s what I can do for you. I can bring you new ideas as well as implement your business initiatives and projects. I can become your principal adviser on how to be the very best that you and your organization can be.

I am an expert of my field. I have a rich management background (both academic and professional). I have a master’s degree in economics and management and I upgraded my leadership and management knowledge and skills in Austria, Germany and France. I held executive positions, managed international projects, founded several organizations, and launched new initiatives, campaigns and networks.

I held management positions in the both public and private sectors. I worked in the Administration of the President of Ukraine, as well as international companies prior launching my management consulting business. I worked with Danone, OECD, International Finance Corporation, Deloitte, Adam Smith International, etc.

I have been a trusted advisor to numerous international organizations, government agencies and big companies in Ukraine and abroad. I have implemented my own initiatives in partnership with private companies, business associations, embassies and ministries.

I have extensive experience in strategy development and execution, marketing analysis and planning, customer and partner development, investment outreach and public engagement. I have provided consultative services to industries such as oil and gas, renewable energy, infrastructure, agribusiness, machinery and manufacturing. I am open to working with other industries as well.

Do you need help with planning and execution of business development initiatives? Do you want to enhance your market position? Do you want to increase client satisfaction? Do you want to strengthen your network? Do you want to have customers and partners in different parts of the world?

I have the expertise to help you fulfill those objectives.

I am here to offer you my fresh, outside perspective on how to drive your business development to next level. I want to help you to stay competitive. I am eager to help you to win credibility and respect.

Why do I do this? Because I am passionate about successful business development. I like to help others succeed. I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I wanted to start my business.

I discovered what real business is when I was 9 years old. No, I didn’t sell lemonade. My friends and I were playing with modeling clay, and I was making earrings nobody else could make. As a result, my friends were impressed with my creativity and asked me to make earrings for them as well. I quickly realized that I am a master of one. Since I used my modeling clay, my time, and my skill to make earrings for everyone, I decided to sell them. I got home with a bag of cents, satisfaction and pride in myself. But my parents were not very happy with my first business activity and I was told to return the money to the children.

This first experience of doing business is very much embedded in my memory. I realized that I can be good at many things, but to succeed I should be a master of one.

What am I excellent at? What can I offer? What do people expect from me? People often turn to me when professional problems arise. I have often been asked for advice on how to implement ideas, how to find partners, how to network the right way, how to maintain global reach. I realized that today the type of product or service that I can offer is management advice. Today I’m offering the business community my empirical knowledge and skills.

As a creative business woman, I can offer you a creative implementation of your business ideas. Or I can create a vision for you, and help you to get from vision to reality.

I will support you by helping you deal with the management challenges you are facing today. I can contribute to improving your productivity through growth strategy development, designing and styling of your business architecture, PR, GR and international affairs. I can help you with strategies development for elevating your organization’s presence and strengthening your brand.

I am available to provide management consulting to you and your organization. Just email me what you’re interested in.

I am also available to provide motivational public talks, conduct management workshops, moderate and facilitate discussions at your organization or conference. Please get in touch.

My high-level network is vast indeed, and I am always into building new powerful relationships, partnerships and supportive networks.

Call or email, I look forward to hearing from you.